Sunday, July 25, 2010

5. Make a Bike Lock Out of Beef Jerky

Some cheap bike locks can be easily cut with bolt cutters. If you have an expensive bike you do not want to take the chances with a dinky chain lock.

With only a few pounds of beef jerky you can make a reliable, stylish bike lock. Some premium types of beef jerky cannot be chewed or cut though.

I have an expensive mountain bike that I wouldn't trust with any lock other than my jerky lock. I used Sweet & Spicy flavor to make my lock and get compliments on it everywhere I go. For the past two years I have been using this lock and my bike has never been stolen.

I took my bike on a weekend trip to Tijuana and even there it did not get stolen. I did, however, catch a local man trying to chew through the lock. What I gathered from his broken spanglish was that he wasn't trying to steal the bike but he was just hungry and Sweet & Spicy was his favorite flavor! We chatted for a while about our common interest in the healthy snack and then drank some tequila and went to a local strip club together. I will forever remember my Mexican friend for life, Aleja.

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