Sunday, July 25, 2010

3. Create Raft Out of Beef Jerky

Whether you're stranded on a desert island or just a boating enthusiast you will get pleasure out of constructing a raft out of beef jerky.

Beef jerky land vehicles are old news but beef jerky sea vehicles have been up and coming in the past few months.

If you have a surplus of beef jerky and live near a body of water you may want to think about using it to create a boat. Your options are limitless with what type of boat you can create with using beef jerky. Leisure sailing, fishing, racing, extreme sports, etc.

I have been fishing on my beef jerky boat, The Teriyaki Sea Cow, for the past year. Since it can double as bait it will free up some space to carry more beer. The jerky texture tacks well and is silent allowing you to not scare away the fish when moving.

If perhaps you were transporting a large cargo of beef jerky and run into a storm and end up stranded on a desert island you will want to think about making a rescue raft out of your remaining jerky. In no time you'll be sailing away back to civilization to be reunited with your friends and family. Since you can also eat the jerky you will not starve to death and can stay afloat for several weeks. Don't forget your desert island CD mix!

"My beef jerky outrigger has placed second and third in two regional regattas. I wouldn't go back to conventional boats any time soon." ~ Sea Captain

"The jerky makes for some of the gnarliest wakes a wakeboarder could ask for!" ~ Wakeboarding Entusiast

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